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What we do

At nexgen, your English language success is our top priority. We provide you—the next generation of English language learners—with a flexible, convenient and effective online English learning certificate course. This is a new generation of learning product which is based on three decades of study data from around the world, our neo system contains all that knowledge. We are passing all that learning on to you, the next generation!

What you do!

  • Study 30 minutes a day about 4 times a week to earn 6000 points each week
  • Meet your coach online once every 2 weeks neo does the rest

What is neo?

neo stops you from repeating the mistakes of the past and accelerates you to fluency!

How does neo work?

We tell you how long it takes and how much it will cost you to meet your goals up front!

nexgen is for everyone

nexgen comprehensive program is designed to educate English language learners of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds at a price that matches your dreams.

Ages 15 +

Nexgen’s neo is available for students ages 15 to adult. It doesn’t matter what language you speak now.

All Skill levels

You can begin studying with neo regardless of your current skill level.


Whether you’re in the field of science, business or still in school, neo will help you achieve your life goals.

Why nexgen?

nexgen speeds up learning , Study+Data+Coaching (1+1+1) are all synchronized to have an accelerator effect on your learning, you can earn each of the first four lower level certificates in 5 months, 1+1+1=5. Our neo system motivates you to continue on your English language journey with engaging adaptive content and the best coaches in the world who personalize your journey every step of the way.


We start by testing your placement level and start you with content that’s right for you. Next, we test you 6 times through the course to double-check mastery. Finally, neo and your coach will know when you’re ready to take your Exit Test and earn your certificate.


The neo study app constantly analyzes your data and adapts to provide you with the content or study-habit adjustment that you need to achieve mastery. neo knows how to help you become a better student and more fluent English speaker.


Private coaching sessions last 25 minutes and includes one session every two weeks. This is all you need to become fluent but if you want more coaching, they’re available for you. Before each session, neo delivers your most recent study analytics to your coach along with conversation activities that match what they have already studied in the neo lessons.


neo’s certification program is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), the most comprehensive and useful language framework available. nexgen issues CEFR-aligned certificates to show your mastery level.

How we do it

Nexgen has built neo based on analysis of 30 years of study data from millions of previous generation students from around the world. The neo Study App knows what you—the new generation—need to speak English the fastest way possible. neo is smart, it constantly adapts to your needs every step of the way.

neo’s speech recognition lessons give you hours of private speaking practice, to prepare you for your coaching classes.

Your coach will help improve your intelligibility and fluency every step of the way.